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Tender management, single tender, fixed pool or broadcast

On the one hand, the allocation process pursues the goal of placing freight orders directly with the selected carrier, and on the other hand, it conducts a tendering process in order to be able to act flexibly and save freight costs. The motivation for this can be a spot tender on the basis of an exception or to find the most cost-effective carrier for a transport in one’s own network.

In a direct tendering process, you can send a freight order directly to one or more forwarders. They can accept the order, reject it or, if desired, submit a price offer. In return, you have the option of comparing, accepting or rejecting offers. In practice, automatic acceptance/rejection based on factors such as time limits, lowest price or even performance is currently gaining acceptance.

make offers comparable THROUGH TENDERS

When selecting a service provider, a high degree of automation saves time and money. Let the transport management system decide, taking into account required certificates, available resources, transport costs, and business shares.

Tenders are often carried out as multi-step tenders based on a tender plan. This allows the process of a tender to be automated among a defined group of participants.

Your advantages through transportation contracting

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Multi-service provider capability for flexible intervention in transport logistics in the event of exceptions


Automate your transport planning and communication to increase efficiency.

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Utilize the full potential of integrated processes and rely on a holistic transport logistics approach to gain transparency.

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Cost savings

Reduce freight costs through targeted carrier selection based on spot offers.

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