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Avoid inefficiencies through better planning on the farm

In many cases, limited resources are wasted on the yard because organizational measures are taken in an attempt to compensate for inefficient processes with a high level of manual effort. This is often accompanied by a lack of transparency as to where which resources are located and for which projects they are even suitable. One consequence is unnecessary search times, as there is no inventory overview of equipment such as trailers or containers, or there is no overview of pending tasks and priorities. This results in delays in truck dispatch and production. Another consequence of a lack of transparency is that there is no opportunity to make up for delays by reprioritizing critical orders.

Control all activities on site premises

Through intelligent yard management, you can achieve an efficient supply of incoming & outgoing goods with the required equipment at a smoothed utilization of on site traffic. This leads to a reduction of overcapacities due to peak loads and a reduction of fixed assets, depreciation and operating costs.

Options for better
planning yard processes.

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Manual planning

Manual planning and distribution of transport, lifting and shunting orders by dispatchers, for example as part of an overall gate control system, as well as prioritized call-up of internal and external vehicle resources to the ramp.

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Partially automated

System-based suggestions based on templates and rule sets. The dispatcher accepts or overrides allocation proposals.

Fully automated

The allocation of transport, lifting and shunting orders is automated by a program logic that takes into account customer-specific criteria and allocates the orders efficiently on this basis.

Design your
Yard Management of the Future!

Especially in yard management, many processes can be supported, facilitated and automated by IoT and innovative technologies:



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leogistics d.s.c.

Digital Supply Chain Management

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Site Logistics​

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Planning und Optimization

How Appointment Scheduling Benefits from Innovative Technologies

Our whitepaper on time slot bookings

dangerous goods before chemical parc

Chemical logistics means more than storage and transport processes

In chemical logistics, there are very special requirements for equipment and personnel. Since hazardous materials are often transported and stored in chemical parks, personnel must undergo regular safety training to comply with statutory safety requirements.

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Bluetooth Direction Finding als Tracking-Technologie auf dem Werksgelände

On-Site Real-Time Asset Tracking: Are You Using The Right Technology?

Real time tracking of assets creates transparency about the status of assets and their location. For this reason, nowadays the ability to track assets in a broad geographic area using GPS has become key in logistics to timely identify potential delays and reduce the risk of loss

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parkende LKW Flotte in Abenddämmerung

How to map your organizational structure in SAP TM

These so-called organizational units are one of the basic requirements for the definition of an authorization and role setup. In addition, they form a framework in which all relevant business processes in SAP TM run.

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LKW auf Strasse

How to successfully migrate from SAP TM 9.5 to S/4HANA TM

You have decided to migrate from your SAP TM 9.5 system to SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management? But what happens next? What needs to be migrated in the first place? What tools and S/4HANA utilities are there and what do they cover? And what S/4HANA best practices exist?

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logimat - vernetzte Logsistik


leogistics’ digital supply chain management integrates all information and communication flows of the entire logistics chain.

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SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01: Many New Features in Stock

SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01: Many New Features in Stock

However, FPS01 not only offers new possibilities for TM, but also on the other side of the warehouse gates we get a slew of interesting enhancements for EWM.

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LKW am Lager

SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01: SAP TM and EWM Improve Interface Communication

What´s new in the SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01 release? (PART 1/2)
We have taken a look at the innovations and want to present the most interesting features such as “Advanced Shipping Receiving”.

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leogistics and RailWatch Digitalize Freight Transports Through RailWatch And leogistics Rail

Great Teamwork: Digitalizing Freight Transports Through RailWatch And leogistics Rail

More efficient plant rail operations by means of intelligent measuring systems and valuable real-time information

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10 Questions to Christiaan Carstens

10 questions for: Christiaan Carstens

In contrast to other modes of transport, rail holds special challenges for logistics processes – but also huge potential for the future.

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