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Terminals can be used in a wide variety of fields and can also be operated by external users without training thanks to user-guided screen and input sequences. As process-supporting hardware, terminals help to ensure that your site logistics processes run smoothly. The focus is on entering all registration-relevant information with the aim of automating check-in and check-out processes as far as possible.

This is achieved, among other things, by shifting the registration process away from personnel resources and towards self-check-in, which takes place independently of opening hours by entering a transport number or a QR code. This reduces time, effort, processing times, and costs, and also creates a high degree of transparency and process reliability.

Individual Solutions


All our terminals can be customized according to your requirements and needs and can be easily integrated along your processes: Check-in (registration, security briefing), check-out (departure, delivery documents), integration with scales (weighing, full, empty weight, tare), fully automatic loading point registration, etc.

Regardless of whether you want to retrofit existing solutions or set up a new one, the existing hardware can be included in the digitalization and the control process via the terminals. We will be happy to advise you on construction planning, process reliability as well as the degree of automation and discuss the necessary requirements and possible locations with you.

Self-check-in Terminals Save Valuable Time And Costs

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Contactless registration of the driver or service provider.

Paperless processing through notification

Fast processing for check-in/check-out.

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Independent of opening hours

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Great variety of languages with multilingual menu navigation at self-check-in

Low maintenance due to interface-free integration (plug-and-play, pre-configuration)

Integrated security briefing and data protection regulations in respective native language

Shorten turnaround times and save resources through self-service

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Plant security gets a better overview

Integration of further hardware peripherals such as barriers, traffic lights

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Digital traceability

Individual Plug And Play Terminals From A Single Source

Our terminals include user-friendly software that is fully integrated with your yard management. This means full automation, without duplicate data storage and interfaces, ensuring a seamless transfer of information into the process. The goal is always to make your processes leaner and smoother, while providing you with a single point of contact for all your needs.


As a company with many years of experience in consulting and profound know-how in the mapping and automation of yard processes, we are the optimal partner with regard to your on-site processes. Together with you, we identify suitable installation sites and map your processes holistically. For this purpose, our portfolio includes a variety of different models, which are available as standard or freely configurable and designed according to different focal points, such as indoor, outdoor, car/truck height, installed hardware, etc. Additional hardware, such as cameras, scales, traffic lights, barriers, displays or display boards can also be integrated and controlled directly via the terminal.

Increase Your Process Stability and Reduce Error Rates Due to Incorrect Entry

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Revision and process reliability

Saving time and money

Self-service terminals are always particularly well accepted when they interact perfectly with our customers' existing IT systems. That is why we have fully integrated the application running on our devices with the yard management software running in the background.

Christian Piehler
Member of the Management Board

With solutions from leogistics GmbH, you reduce the time spent on registration by up to 70 percent.

Self Check-in

With self-check-in, gate management guides truck drivers through the registration process in a structured manner. Whether fully automatic with integrated camera recognition, semi-automatic via a QR code, or manual in the respective national language, the selection is made individually according to your requirements. Peripherals such as scales or barriers are also taken into account. Even unscheduled transport arrivals can be quickly recorded. In addition, security instruction and additive hardware, such as cameras are available as integrated options. The degree of automation of the check-in can be further increased by automatic license plate and vehicle identification.

Check-in by gatekeepers and plant security

To eliminate paper-based processes, the check-in of incoming transports by gatekeepers is also IT-supported. A security check, such as a hazardous goods or air security check, is carried out before entry. Weighing data is integrated and other infrastructure such as cameras, scales, barriers or light signals are automatically activated after registration. In order to be able to carry out the registration quickly and audit-proof, there is a database for truck drivers.


At the terminal, the driver selects his or her data from the attendance list or registers with the respective transport number. The drivers then check themselves out independently in self-service. Loading lists and freight documents are issued directly at the terminal, eliminating the need to go to the shipping office. This process can be fully automated with an OCR camera that recognizes the license plate of the truck at the goods issue gate.Have a good trip!

Our Terminals In Detail

Terminalfunktionen im Überblick

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