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Information to ensure process stability and avoid bottlenecks is often scarce in logistics. Those involved are forced to act in response rather than freely according to their own wishes. Strategic and operative planning of logistics processes can help you to optimally reserve resources and schedule them in a way so that you achieve your goals. With the help of planning scenarios as well as automatically and manually triggered planning cycles, we help you to match your requirements with the available resources and to take countermeasures at an early stage if there is a surplus or shortage.

As an SAP add-on, leogistics Plan delivers deep process integration with your upstream and downstream SAP systems.


In logistics, there is a multitude of possible applications for planning and optimization. Profit from our experience!

Appointment Scheduling

Plan your capacities for loading and unloading activities more dynamically and rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as live tracking data or machine learning.

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Load Planning

Streamline the scheduling of load units to means of transport and reduce resource usage and transportation costs.

Throughput Rate Optimization

Optimize the number of trucks handled at a loading point or loading and unloading.

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Equipment & Resources

Use resource scheduling to optimize the utilization of your available resources.

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Empty Trolley Planning

Allocate means of transport to subsequent processes after use at the destination in the best possible way and reduce downtimes.

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Determine the optimal call-off sequence using a truck dispatch ranking system and prioritize based on individual criteria.


  • Short-term detailed planning takes place in resource deployment or distribution planning by planning specific resources at specific times on location or order.

  • Medium-term orders are planned in a planning calendar with the goal of orchestrating efforts between process participants and matching them with available resources.
  • Long-term demand and capacity planning transforms initial requirements into more detailed planning and compares them with capacity limits.

  • The complete integration between planning and operational levels allows feedback from the processes to be considered directly for planning. Planning and actual information can be easily analyzed.



Our planning and optimization solution as an SAP add-on offers a whole range of features with which we can implement your individual use case.

Manual or Automatic

Create planning runs to automate planning or to manually trigger defined planning steps.

Real-Time Updates

Integrate operational processes with your planning and get real-time updates.

Planning Tools

Use appropriate tools such as Gantt charts and calendar views for complex planning scenarios.


Configure different planning variants for different scenarios in your short- and long-term planning.


Stay informed of unexpected events and scheduling conflicts.

Frozen Zone 

Freeze your planning and do not allow further intervention from automated planning. Manual rescheduling remains possible.

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