Experience Consulting with leogistics

Experience Consulting
with leogistics

What leogistics GmbH understands by consulting and service.

If one compares consulting and, in particular, SAP implementation consulting, the methods, the specialist knowledge of solutions, and the consulting service itself are often comparable. An opportunity for differentiation is represented by the additive service performance in addition to the pure consulting and technical expertise. That is why we at leogistics live consulting differently. Since consulting and service are our core business, we attach great importance to making consulting a unique experience, a real service experience.

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Specialist Competencies


leogistics is your partner for transformation.

Our Trademark

Meeting your expectations of our services requires enthusiasm for logistics processes, project content, change management and IT. And we bring this enthusiasm with us.

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We Are Authentic

We prefer personal contact, are transparent and get to the heart of what is expected of us and our partners.

We advise strategically

We are your strategic partner and offer continuity and leadership.

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We focus on your requirements

We put ourselves in your shoes and find customized solutions together with you in an interactive way.

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We are your reliable partner

We remain calm even in critical situations and work constructively towards the common goal.


Being able to identify customer needs and technological trends early on, as well as being able to proactively advise and involve people in transformation projects, is becoming a success factor for both consulting firms and their customers."

Christiaan Carstens
Member of the Management Board leogistics GmbH

Holistic business process and application consulting

Optimizing logistics processes requires extensive practical experience in order to think and act flexibly and analyze requirements precisely. We provide you with full support and advice thanks to that experience and our extensive logistics consulting expertise in the areas of transport, site and warehouse logistics.

For us, the bottom line: Even under the most adverse circumstances, we always complete your project in the end, because reliability is more important today than ever! 

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Individual Consulting and Planning Services

Holistic Approach to Your Logistics Processes

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End-2-end perspective across transport modes

Joint Development of Concepts and Objectives

Pragmatic Project Methodology

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Top Priority for Quality

IT Projects Are Transformation Projects

Regardless of whether it is an initial software implementation, an optimization or a migration project, it is always a transformation. In addition to technological aspects, a large number of other factors must be taken into account. Last but not least, the human factor, i.e., the affected end users, must be brought on board as part of change management, since this has a significant influence on the success of the project.

It is a challenge for all those involved to maintain an overview over longer periods of time – precisely because no one can foresee all imponderables. Our strength is to remain calm even in critical situations and to work constructively towards the common goal. For us, a long-term, trusting business relationship always takes precedence over short-term project success.

Support in Partnership

for all your questions regarding the conversion of your logistics processes to SAP S/4HANA

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Specialization on the Switch

to SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management (TM) and SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

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Tailor-made Path

to SAP S/4HANA for all other business units with cbs Corporate Business Consulting.

Our Project Methodology: leoprojects.

We have developed our own project management methodology based on many successful customer and development projects. In leoprojects, parts of different project management approaches can be found, which we have supplemented with pragmatic approaches from practice. Through the application of leoprojects we can…

structure the project workflow
identify risks early and take countermeasures
provide a valid statement about adherence to the agreed costs
meet the scheduled implementation time

Based on our experience in implementation projects, we have outlined a typical leogistics project progression and divided it into phases. Different project management processes are applied in the phases.

Some requirements must be precisely defined at the beginning of the implementation phase, as they have a major influence on the end result. This applies to almost all fundamental decisions about the system and process architecture, such as the source and sink of information. Other requirements may remain unspecified up to a certain point in the realization. For these requirements, an agile method can be useful and the order of these requirements as well as their exact specification can be freely designed.

Application Design (UI/UX Services).

Especially in logistics, where efficiency is of the utmost importance, customized applications and mobile apps that reflect the physical conditions of the site and warehouse on the one hand and the needs of the staff on the other are elementary. To meet your requirements in the best possible way, we rely on the concentrated know-how of our design thinking and UI5 experts.

Knowing the exact requirements of our customers is crucial for our successful UX design. Our interdisciplinary teams of logistics and design specialists gather and analyze the relevant insights and perfectly coordinate navigation and functions to develop an outstanding process design.

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Goal-oriented UI/UX design

If users are optimally supported in their workflow, this has a positive effect on the planning and operational activities in the logistics process.

User Centric Design

Our user-centric application development allows logisticians to use the app intuitively and supports them in their daily work.

Design Thinking

In our workshops, the users are involved at a very early stage in order to plan for different design methods in good time.

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