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SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) is designed to manage complex warehouse locations and support automated warehouse processes. Simple configurations of logistics sub-functionalities make it simple to cover even smaller, non-automated warehouse locations. The system supports all logistics processes within your warehouse and is experiencing a steadily growing range of functionalities due to new releases.

The extent to which these processes are set up and implemented efficiently may change over time from a logistics indicators or system and performance perspective. New trends and the use of technologies such as RFID, sensors, 3D printers and data mining models for warehouse task forecasting offer a multitude of optimization possibilities – which requires suitable application.

Since EWM 9.3, for example, your warehouse and transport logistics processes can be even better integrated, as transit and third party warehouses were more closely integrated into the logistics process. With EWM 9.4, the integration of fully or semi-automated warehouses has become easier with additional functionalities. A switch to EWM 9.5 can help you improve the picking processes. By automating order consolidation, routing multi-pick/drop orders and identifying viable rail options, the processes at the warehouse can be arranged more efficiently to ever-changing order situations through sales market and channel shifts.

And there is even more to improve:

  • Have you ever considered warehouse asset optimization or automated guided vehicle systems
  • What are the advantages of sophisticated resource management with a corresponding order control via queues in different warehouse areas?
  • Should we review put-away and removal strategies as well as the associated replenishment and reorganization scenarios? Are they flexible enough? Do they consider current and future warehouse tasks
  • Which savings does the right (empty) container management bring? How can you benefit from the right packaging management and the SAP EWM packaging functionality?

Let’s jointly analyse your material flows and, if necessary, optimize existing warehouse logistics processes by using simulations or incorporate SAP EWM standard functionalities in your plans as part of a new warehouse building project. We refine the quality of the processes. Whether Kaizen, Six Sigma or Lean Management methods, the focus should always be on process accuracy, careful use of resources, time and optimized use of your logistics area.

In order to achieve the goals of your process optimization, in addition to the choice of the right management method, the analysis of your initial situation is crucial. When switching from LE-WM to SAP EWM, well-founded process evaluation and the identification of optimization potentials depend not only on your individual LE-WM add-ons and in-house developments. Even with a new release or a SAP EWM release change to 9.5 or embedded EWM in SAP S/4HANA for example, new EWM functionalities can raise unsuspected potential in your process.

We are happy to assist in mapping the transformation of your processes, carry out process revisions and make recommendations for the return to the SAP EWM standard or the extension of existing implementations.

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