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leogistics Port Solution

Smart processes, automation and digitalization are the major challenges facing maritime logistics. Obtaining process-relevant information in real time, supported by the use of mobile devices, represents an important basis for process optimization.

Our SAP-based solution for terminal and port logistics includes functionalities for planning maritime logistics processes, managing ship arrivals, handling unloading and loading operations, inventory management, and billing for storage and services.

leogistics Port is rounded off by further components of leogistics d.s.c for truck yard control, port railroad and reporting. We would be happy to conduct an inventory of existing processes and IT systems in your logistics with you and derive specific steps to make your processes “smart”.

Map logistics processes in the port holistically

Our SAP add-on leogistics Port offers you all the functionalities for your port and terminal logistics, from planning and handling to the receipt of goods, checks and inventory overviews, right through to invoicing.



leogistics Port

Rely on automated and smart processes in your terminal and as a logistics service provider.

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Management of Ship Arrivals

Track the entire job from initial setup to execution to reconciliation of cargo quantities.

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Loading & Landing Goods

Planning and execution of loading and unloading operations in central list UIs and on mobile devices

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Berth Planning

Plan timing and physical berths with complex restrictions in mind.

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Reporting & Billing

Get real-time cargo handling information and bill for ship-related services.

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Checks and Safety at Work

Documentation of safety instruction and checks including digital signature

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Resource Planning

Schedule equipment and personnel for firefighting and loading operations in shifts.

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Smooth Information Flow as a Success Factor for Smart Port Processes

leogistics Port Solution enables you to map your transports by sea down to the freight unit level and to connect them seamlessly with the road and rail modes of transport.


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