Leveraging automation potential in logistics with IoT solutions

The IoT offers almost endless possibilities for process automation - especially in warehouse and site logistics

The human body needs not only a brain, but also nerve pathways that transport external stimuli from the sensory organs to the brain and, conversely, direct control signals to the arms, legs, hands, etc. In the same way, a logistics solution needs not only a management system, but also an underlying technology that enables the flow of information and data where it is needed. In this sense, the IoT with all its sensors, connections and interfaces is the central nervous system of logistics digitization.

Based on the latest technologies, we provide tailored support to help you achieve your digitalization and automation goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our development teams create ideas ranging from cloud or on-premise applications to hardware that increase transparency about your logistics processes in all areas along the supply chain.

Data as the foundation for more transparency, automation and optimization

Our goal is to drive innovation in logistics with a range of IoT components to create seamless solutions. As a strategic partner, we support our customers in integrating individual IoT solutions into their business with minimal effort.

Alessio Meloni
IoT Solution Architect leogistics GmbH

Your added benefits through IoT solutions

IoT solutions give companies the ability to prevent or quickly respond to unforeseen events. For example, sensors can monitor maintenance intervals, alert forklift drivers and much more. This not only increases efficiency, but also workplace safety and reduces the likelihood of damage.

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New opportunities through connected products and services (AI/ML)


Predictive maintenance reduces accidents, failure rates and downtime


Operational efficiency and cost savings

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Safety and security

Fast response times increase workplace safety (e.g.: IoT sensors warn forklift trucks, automatic evasive maneuver).

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Decision-making aid

Long-term, strategic decisions promote competitiveness and success


IoT Use Cases

The IoT provides many benefits by increasing operational efficiency and opening up new opportunities via connected products and services. Using IoT services and the underlying IoT-enabled devices and sensors, supply chain as well as yard and transport management processes are automatically updated with data and can be tracked and monitored in real time.

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Intelligent barcode reading doors

for the automatic verification of goods deliveries and to avoid the costs of faulty deliveries. No manual scanning with a handheld device required

IoT Smart Buttons

for simple, automatic reordering of goods in defined quantities

Smart Cameras

mounted on forklift trucks to take automated photos of loaded/unloaded goods in case of complaints


for automatic truck dispatch with integrated printers and scanners

Cameras or presence sensors

for monitoring the occupancy of parking spaces or loading doors in real time

Automatic barriers and gates

open and close based on authorization upon successful check-in/out

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Automatic weighing process

with integration into the yard management system (no more manual reports required)

Call-off solutions

via large outdoor displays, indoor monitors or handheld devices


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