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#futureoflogistics: leogistics Points the Way to the Future of Logistics

What is the significance of technologies such as AI and machine learning in logistics? How can sustainable logistics work?

Why warehouse management should set up now for digitalization

Digitization is often approached cautiously in the warehouse environment. But the hurdles are usually smaller than feared and the benefits are considerable. Read more.
Lager mit Regalen

Optimize Warehouse Activities with Wave Management

With wave management in SAP EWM, the planning, execution and control of warehouse activities can be optimized. Read more in the article.

Avoidable pitfalls in production integration in SAP EWM

There are avoidable pitfalls in SAP Extended Warehouse Management when it comes to production integration. Learn what to look out for in the blog.

SAP EWM: 4 Steps To More Sustainability In Warehouse Logistics

without sustainability in production, storage and transport, there will be no fair produced products. What does sustainability look like in the warehouse?
RF-Framework Arbeiter am Fießband

The RF Framework Is Dead – Long Live The RF Framework

The RF Framework provides a variety of applications out-of-the-box to handle any warehouse process such as putaway, inventory, picking, etc. on a mobile basis. Stay true to the RF Framework even when switching to S/4HANA!

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