The Future of Yard Management: make your yard future-proof with these 8 trends

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The contactless, digital, automated and optimized yard as an integral part of the supply chain (part 1/3)

In many cases, the term yard management is equated with truck handling on a plant or yard site. However, the use cases in practice are much more complex and include not only yard handling for trucks, but also various combinations and other means of transport such as rail or inland waterway vessels. The processes are also very different due to the goods to be transported (e.g. liquids, packaged goods, containers, hazardous goods, etc.). All of this must be taken into account when processes in yard management are to be considered or optimized.

8 trends that will shape the yard of the future

In addition to the process-related view, the integration of processes in warehouse and transport systems, the integration of hardware or business partners, eight future topics are currently coming into focus, which we would like to present to you in this three part blog series.

Contactless, digital, automated, optimized - smart solutions for the future

leogistics has already taken up these future trends in its product development and implemented them in four key yard management variants. The focus is on “contactless”, “digital”, “automated” and “optimized” yard management. Of course, none of these approaches is to be considered exclusively, excludes the others or forms a monolithic construct. Rather, individual requirements and experience determine which approach is the right one for the current challenge. An extension or combination is possible at any time.

Future of Yard Management


In the upcoming article, we will discuss the possibilities of contactless yard management and the extended form, digital yard management. For us, these two forms of yard management are the basis for efficient processing in the yard of the future.

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