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Plan an intelligent goods inbound process by using dynamic appointment scheduling and notification.

Who has not experienced this: The daily routine at the gate and loading points is altered quite often by unforeseeable events, such as delayed trucks or urgent spontaneous shipments. Only one event is enough to upset the planned course of truck dispatch

The topic of “goods receipt notification” in connection with time slot management tends to be neglected in logistics chains. Wrongly so, in our opinion! Considerable cost savings can be achieved if waiting times or traffic jams are avoidedby a coordinated and intelligent inbound and outbound.

In most cases, the argumentation of the goods receipt notification, which usually tends to take a back seat, aims to ensure that a not so precisely planned goods receipt with adequate storage capacity can be compensated for. Or that delivery dates at the customer’s premises are rarely directly dependent on punctual goods receipts. This argumentation does not go far enough:

  • Many of the ramps used for loading are at least partially the same ramps that are used for shipping.
  • Should the incoming articles be shipped directly to the end customer only a little later than planned, a late receipt of goods would certainly have an impact on the delivery date.
  • Faulty parts, which are critical for production, are also not taken into account in the absence of delivery notification.
  • Incoming goods notification via EDI (DESADV) is not always possible with all suppliers. The scheduling of these deliveries is often a (cost-intensive) manual process.

Agile charging points - yes we can:

How long unloading processes take depends on the quantity. The length of the time slot is also dependent on this. With an optimized appointment scheduling and allocation, the truck inflow can be controlled in such a way that throughput times can be significantly reduced and loading point capacities can be used more efficiently.

myleo / dsc offers a function with which external service providers can announce deliveries to the customer and schedule a suitable time slot. The user is guided simply and intuitively through the process. Service providers not only have the option of partial notification but can also combine and display several orders in one delivery. Following a notification, the user enters the myleo / slot in order to schedule a time slot for the notified quantity, directly at the designated gate and within the designated period. The length of the appointment is determined dynamically based on the notified order quantity.

Consequently, the incoming goods department has a better overview of which items have already been delivered and which are still pending.

Transparent planning for all participants: notify orders online and schedule time windows integratively.

Providing notification and integration with myleo / slot not only minimizes communication and time expenditure at this point, but also creates more transparency for all parties in the process involved.

How an ideal planning process for your loading point may look like

Real-time tracking of the arriving tour at the gate

Is this the end of the line?

Versatile platforms provide the following basic scope and can be further expanded according to client’s requirements or scenarios:

The future is now

Planning logistical processes between several partners has always been a challenge and will likely continue to be so.

However, logistics platforms offer the opportunity to reduce this challenge in a way that everyone joins forces. The potential of networking suppliers, forwarders and their customers is beyond the mere networking of systems. If employees, regardless of their role, can see the information they need for their work on an integrated logistics platform, the foundation for improved collaboration is established. If this logistics platform also offers API access, then nothing stands in the way of integration with the warehouse management system, for example.

If this platform also allows price models based on the processed notifications, regardless of the number of users involved, the use of such a solution can be planned much more precisely in terms of investment.
We support you in making your operational processes more connected, more transparent and more cost-saving, thus improving your supply chains. Find out more about the quick to implement applications of our logistics platform myleo /dsc!

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