How to make my site more attractive for carriers and drivers

Niklas Schützler

Niklas Schützler

Digitization is already permeating our everyday lives. Internet-based smart processes, solutions and apps facilitate our communication and collaboration. Why should this development stall in supply chain execution? Here too, simple digital solutions can simplify cooperation and collaboration with service providers, suppliers and customers.

With leogistics d.s.c., supply chains can be digitized and communication with drivers and service providers simplified. The throughput speeds of trucks in the yard are increased through real-time communication – as is the attractiveness of your yard for service providers and drivers.

Experience in leogistics customer projects has shown that the efficiency of yard processes is significantly influenced by the seamless integration of all stakeholders into the logistics processes. For example, when stakeholders have the ability to report their activities in real time and thus actively influence and drive the process. On the yard, service providers can receive and return information on their own devices for a limited time using generated WIFI access.

By connecting leogistics d.s.c. to the company’s own infrastructure, WIFI keys, user names and passwords can be sent on an event-driven basis.

Truck drivers can be called to the yard or to the loading point via SMS dispatch. In addition, further event-based information can be sent to the driver, such as information about the charging process. This reduces the communication effort, which for many customers takes place via telephone, issued pagers or on call. Event-controlled automatic call-off with direct communication to the driver reduces waiting times and optimizes turnaround time.

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