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Wie lernende Systeme das Supply Chain Management verbessern und erleichtern

How Learning Systems Improve and Facilitate Supply Chain Management

Artificial intelligence makes proactive statements about logistics processes. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword par excellence for quite some time.
Hand an IoT Dummy

All the way from shop floor to top floor: IOT-scenarios in logistics

A look at the IoT architecture and application scenarios for the field of logistics.
tablet Screen mit Dashboard Anwendung

Smart Apps for smart business

Continuous development of smart services and apps for logistics business processes from our Leolab.

Hackathons: More than just a school reunion of nerds

Hackathons are the catalysts of solutions that often find no room in everyday business life. With the goal of encouraging the creativity of each individual, our leoHackathon is the ideal breeding ground for exciting logistics innovations.
Voice assitant Alexa

I develop a voice assistant for digital logistics solutions

This year we have built several prototypes to improve and simplify logistic processes by means of voice control and the use of voice assistants.
inbound tracking

How my SAP system lights up

Using mqtt and IoT-devices to gain an advantage in your logisitic processes

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