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DSGVO Grafik

Check your logistics software for data leaks!

For anyone who disregards "the right to be forgotten" is liable to prosecution. The Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force in Europe since May 25, 2018. The change in the laws gives all EU citizens a fundamental "right to be forgotten".According to §83 / para. 5 GDPR, serious violations may result in fines of up to 4% of the company's turnover or up to 20 million euros.
Frau und Mann schauen in Kamera

How to optimize the check-in and check-out process

How to standardize and automate your check-in process through the use of terminals.
Waggonansicht aus Vogelperspektive

The importance of planning for railway processes

How modern industrial railways plan their operations.

The digitialzed railway

The advantages of an integrated scheduling system.
frühzeitig festgeegte Geschäftsregeln führen zu Erfolg

Flexible design processes by means of business principles

The use of complex sets of rules in SCM projects
smarter Hafen: kollaborative Logistikketten

What does make my port „smart“?

Automation as a driver for smart port logistics
Hafenlogistik stilisiert dargestellt

The vision of a connected port

How digitization is gaining ground in the port logisitics sector.
inbound tracking

How my SAP system lights up

Using mqtt and IoT-devices to gain an advantage in your logisitic processes

What added value does Augmented Reality bring to your digital supply chain?

How you can digitalize your processes with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Your factory site always in view

Why a virtualization tool is a useful asset for your digital supply chain
truck on highway

Goodbye Scheduling Chaos: Stay On Top Of Things

How to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing shipments at all times. The potentials of a time slot management system.
closed warehouse doors

Successfully Reduce Truck Throughput Times

Optimize Truck Dispatch Through Pre-registration And Collaborative Processes

A WIN-WIN-WIN for shippers, forwarders and truck drivers

Slotbooking as a field of tension - thus guaranteeing a constant resting pulse for all participants.

7 factors of success for the digitization of truck processes

What if you could overcome the complexity of your processes with a simple, quick-to-implement solution?

How to make my site more attractive for carriers and drivers

With leogistics d.s.c., supply chains can be digitized and communication with drivers and service providers simplified.

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