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CSR in the sense of sustainable business and development as well as social responsibility has long since ceased to be a rarity in companies. This includes social, ecological and economic aspects. So it is also a matter of course for leogistics GmbH to promote and further develop these topics.

Sustainable business means change.

As an employing organization, we want to create a prejudice-free working climate free of discrimination and safe working conditions for all employees. In addition, we also want to make a contribution to society outside our business environment and support people who need help. Finally, climate protection is also becoming an increasingly important issue for which we want to take greater responsibility.Translated with (free version)

Climate change is the responsibility of us all.

As stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement, companies must become climate-neutral by 2050. In close cooperation with our parent company Materna, we want to have already achieved significant improvements before then. Because it is not only important for us as a company to position ourselves more sustainably; our customers are also attaching increasing importance to the issue.Sustainable business has long since ceased to be a “nice-to-have,” but a necessity that we are happy to meet as a responsible company. For many years, leogistics GmbH has also been involved in various social projects. This allows us to use our economic success to help other social groups in various areas such as equality, mass sports and fundraising.


leogistics is a member of the United Nations Global Compact

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest initiative for sustainable corporate governance, leogistics is officially committed to sustainable business practices as well as to implementing the UNGC’s ten principles, which focus on human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. In addition, UN Global Compact has established 17 sustainability goals,
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a company, we want to actively support and drive forward five of them in particular. The prerequisite for filling them with life is that these five SDGs fit particularly well with our business objective and our history. leogistics does not see the SDGs as a hurdle, but as an opportunity to develop successfully as a company for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at leogistics

High-Quality Education (SDG 4)

Ensuring inclusive, equitable, and quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Gender Equality
(SDG 5)

Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6).

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9)

Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and supporting innovation.

Climate Protection Measures
(SDG 13)

Taking action to combat climate change and its effects.

leogistics is signatory of the Diversity Charter.

Around 200 success factors with a wide variety of backgrounds work for leogistics GmbH. As a company in the traditionally male-dominated IT industry, living diversity is a particularly important concern for us, and one that we are happy to champion. With this in mind, we have signed the Diversity Charter. This is an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions.By signing the charter, we officially commit ourselves to giving all employees the same respect, regardless of age, ethnic origin, nationality, gender identity, physical and mental abilities, ideology, sexual orientation or social background.

Social Responsibility

leo for PAUL

With leo for PAUL, we support a donation initiative for drinking water treatment in crisis regions. PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) is a portable water filter unit and was developed by the Department of Urban Water Management in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kassel. The blue water backpack is used in emergency and disaster situations, where it treats 1,200 liters of water per day: without energy, chemicals, maintenance or trained personnel. Around 400 people can help themselves with it.
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As a company that deals with logistical challenges on a daily basis, we support this project, which makes an immediate and efficient contribution to improving people’s lives.

Sport Sponsoring: leogistics is committed to junior and amateur sports

Around 200 leogistics colleagues are spread across Germany. What unites us are values such as passion, emotion, enthusiasm for technology and team spirit. Another thing we have in common is that we have to look after young talent in the long term. That’s why supporting youth teams has been part of our corporate culture for years. With this in mind, we support local youth and leisure sports in the regions of our five locations, for example as a shirt and tournament sponsor.
Some Examples: Leipzig Lakers | SV Rugenbergen | SpVgg Wiesau

leogistics supports "My Tree for Rostock"

For several years now, leogistics has been represented at the “Rostock Company Run”. The run takes place every year in September to strengthen the economy in the region and to network with each other. Our motivation: to strengthen health, bring together old and new colleagues and celebrate the leogistics spirit together. In addition, with our participation we support the initiative “My Tree for Rostock”, which reforests trees for climate protection.

Climate Neutrality

Climate Neutrality by 2025 at leogistics

The goal of leogistics GmbH is to be climate-neutral by 2025 at the latest. To achieve this, we rely on a mix of the greatest possible reduction of CO₂ emissions and CO₂ compensation where necessary.

Unsere Maßnahmen

Conversion to Green Electricity at Our Offices

Successive conversion of the company car fleet

Job bike offer for employees

Zeichenfläche 1

Continuous analysis of our CO emissions as a company

Climate neutral websites

The Internet requires vast amounts of energy, and every mouse click causes CO₂ emissions. That’s why we’re working with ClimatePartner to make our websites and climate-neutral. ClimatePartner offers companies solutions for climate protection by providing support in calculating and reducing CO₂ emissions, offsetting these through climate protection projects, and implementing climate protection strategies. In this way, companies and products can achieve their goal of becoming climate neutral.



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