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Hamburg, 19.03.2020 – The digital transformation brings many advantages and the possibility to organize processes more efficiently. With modern logistics apps, companies have a tool at their disposal that can be used conveniently and, above all, on the move with a smartphone or tablet. leogistics GmbH, a global SAP logistics partner in the area of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) specializing in transportation management, warehouse management and yard management, supports the control and optimization of logistics processes on the plant premises and in the warehouse with its proprietary apps leo Counting, leo iDrive, leo Load and leo Secure.

leo counting: effective and error-free inventory

Companies that regularly carry out extensive inventories in their warehouse can now do this quickly and easily with leo Counting. Based on machine learning and image recognition it is possible to count objects on images. The user can select an image or take one on site and send it to the logistics platform myleo/ dsc. He then receives the number and position of the counted objects, which are conveniently displayed in the app. In an overlay above the image, each object is highlighted in colour. If objects are detected incorrectly or not at all, changes can be made such as adding, removing or moving markers. In addition, leo Counting allows operation by gesture control via the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet.

leo iDrive: Truck tracking and registration

leo iDrive was developed to provide shippers, forwarders and drivers with a range of interactive helpers. For example, the app is designed to make it easier for truck drivers to check in and out of the factory premises. Thanks to the paperless, digitalised route planning and real-time reporting of traffic-related delays or breaks, all relevant information such as planned and current arrival times can be transmitted directly to drivers or subcontractors. This saves 25 percent in throughput and waiting times.
In addition, IT-supported communication between shipper and forwarder reduces media breaks: Loading, delivery or additional time information is stored directly in the app and provides full control of ongoing tours at all times. leogistics iDrive displays driving positions in real time and can be used on the plant premises as a pager to identify drivers and vehicles, inform them about current driving orders and automatically direct them to the loading point.

leo Secure: Driver and vehicle checks at the gate

The Checklist is a lean app for driver and vehicle checks at the factory gate and is managed in the system in an audit-proof manner. Questions are answered in the app in groups and the results are stored in the system. Rules control which inspection activities are to be implemented via the app. For example, it can be configured so that all pending vehicle inspections of the day, sorted according to the scheduled check-in times, end up in the appropriate queue. In this way, gate staff can see what is pending. With just a few clicks, the questionnaire can be filled out by the driver directly at the vehicle.

"It was important to us to offer our customers easy navigation and a high practical benefit with the new apps from leogistics. The operation is intuitive and simple. In designing the apps, we followed the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. The apps are based on SAPUI5 technology, can be installed on all mobile devices and can be used via any browser," says André Käber, CEO of leogistics GmbH.



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