SAP TM S/4HANA 1909 – New release updates



The waiting has come to an end – the new TM S/4HANA 1909 release has finally been released for customers since 20.09.2019. The new TM 1909 has a lot to offer: In addition to the previous functionalities, which have been improved, completely new functions have been added.

Curious to know what they are? Here is an overview of the functional highlights of the new SAP TM S/4HANA 1909 release:

Improved package unit

The package unit was already introduced in the TM 1809 release. The TM S/4HANA 1909 release brings two new functionalities in this context:

Improved mixed pallet formation: Products from different customers can now be consolidated on one pallet. For this purpose, the freight units are split and distributed on different pallets. This enables optimized pallet formation and thus better truck utilization, which in turn leads to reduced transport costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Formation of exclusive pallets: In addition to the formation of mixed pallets, exclusive pallets can also be formed which are loaded exclusively with products from a single customer.

Form package units directly from the freight order: It is possible for the warehouse to form a package unit, which can later be used for return.

Normalized load consumption quantity - NLQ

Finally, this functionality, which is immensely important for road transport, has been incorporated into the standard as it has been implemented in numerous individual projects in the past. The normalized cargo space consumption quantity (NLQ) converts different measurement units into selected measurement units. Thus, it is now also possible for a scheduler to view the parking space consumption for different load carriers on a resource. These can be, for example, Euro pallets, roll containers or the classic loading meters. This means that apples no longer have to be compared with pears, and it is possible to visualise the truck load factor even with loads with a wide variety of load carriers.

improved Integration into the cloud product logistics business network (LBN)

The TM S/4HANA 1909 release brings four new functionalities in connection with the LBN:

  • Tour tracking with Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) updates: You now always know where your tour is to update the Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Dispute Management: Dispute cases can be processed directly via the LBN, simplifying the process.
  • Self-Billing: Integration of the Self-Billing functionalities for the carriers connected to the LBN.
  • Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS): Based on the information provided by the TM system, the LBN can efficiently schedule pick-ups.

Further new functionalities & changes

  • Utilization and external volume: A new tab shows how much capacity a freight unit or even a product consumes.
  • Editability of columns in hierarchies: It is now possible to define the editability of individual columns in the transport cockpit via Customizing.
  • Integration of SAP EWM: The load space planning in SAP TM could already specify the correct position of individual pallets in X, Y, Z coordinates. Now these load space positions are also transferred to SAP EWM.
  • Billing the Freight Cost in TM to a Customer in SD: A frequent requirement is to invoice the freight costs to the customer in addition to the product price. This integration is now available.
  • Enhanced authorization management for freight agreements: Enhanced authorization management for freight agreements enables errors to be avoided by authorizing the individual components separately.

Want to know more about SAP TM S/4HANA 1909? Detailed articles on the individual topics are in progress and will soon be available on our CORPORATE BLOG



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