Your digital test drive with myleo / slot

To speak of a new car smell for a solution that has already been in use in a similar form for 8 years would perhaps be an exaggeration. Nevertheless, there have been one or two facelifts in the recent past, as well as many technical enhancements under the hood, which definitely justify a digital test drive! In our hands-on session, which we would like to make possible for you in the form of a webinar, we will give you the opportunity to move independently in our solution. Together, we’ll take the basic configuration steps and let you take the wheel when it comes to slipping into the different roles of the players involved.

During this session, we will give you the opportunity to independently book, reserve, block and/or suggest time slots to your carrier.

What you can take away from the session in any case:

Buckle up is mandatory! It will be a fast-paced tour, we can promise you that! Secure your participation and register directly for our event on February 3, 2021 from 10-11 am.

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