Welcome to the future

An outlook of the 360° logistics platform myleo / dsc

Within our 360° logistics platform myleo / dsc we connect logistical objects with process and business data and thus create a maximum of transparency in your supply chain. We are particularly concerned with the operative and forward-looking control of all plant logistics processes as well as all necessary upstream and downstream steps and process participants.

In conjunction with myleo / dsc, we have established a permanent feedback process in order to be in constant exchange with live customers. This leads to continuous improvements and an increased user experience.

In a series of 4-part webinars, we will introduce you to our new logistics platform myleo / dsc, with which you can digitize your logistics processes and map them independently of existing IT infrastructures.

Webinar 4 |  24.06.2020  |  10-11 am (german)

Welcome to the future – An outlook of the 360° logistics platform myleo / dsc

Part 4 of our webinar series deals with these topics, among others:

  • Holistic notification of deliveries
  • Creation of deliveries and integration into SAP, supplier portal
  • Tendering of transports
  • IoT tracking of containers and swap bodies
  • Check-in and registration at the Yard
  • Roadmap and next projects

Detailed product descriptions, case studies and demos can be found on our website myleodsc.de and further information can be found in our blog posts “How user centricity leads us down new paths” and “Why the cloud business is on the rise”.

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