Dynamic time slot planning & management

myleo / slot and myleo / tnt for inbound & outbound transports

With myleo / slot, companies can keep an eye on their loading and unloading capacities at all times, plan collaboratively with suppliers, their freight forwarders or their service providers, exchange relevant information and achieve on-schedule handling.

When the freight order is accepted, e.g. for loading, the truck can be tracked with myleo / tnt as it approaches the plant. The system permanently calculates whether the planned date of arrival (ETA) can still be kept. Dynamic isolines (geofence areas) provide automatic notification – downtimes within the plant premises can thus be minimised and the utilisation of loading and unloading points optimised.

In a series of 4-part webinars, we will introduce you to our new logistics platform myleo / dsc, with which you can digitize your logistics processes and map them independently of existing IT infrastructures.

WEBINAR 2 | 13.05.2020 | 10-11 am (german)

Dynamic time window planning & control for inbound & outbound transports with myleo / slot and myleo / tnt

Part two of our webinar series is dedicated to the following topics:

  • – Creation of master data, configuration of team structures, connection of telematics systems
  • – Creation of isolines including alert functions
  • – Booking of dynamic time windows, simulation of supply control
  • – Shipment tracking up to the end customer
  • – Integration with your SAP or non-SAP system

Detailed product descriptions, case studies and demos can be found on our website myleodsc.de and further information can be found in our blog posts “How user centricity leads us down new paths” and “Why the cloud business is on the rise”.

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