360° logistics platform myleo / dsc

The digital transformation for your logistics


The vision of an integrated transport, logistics and yard management platform has been with us at leogistics for several years. However, the requirements for logistics software in terms of speed, collaboration, simplification and technology have changed significantly: In the past it was mainly functions that mattered – today the user of logistics solutions is decisive.

For this reason, we have combined our process know-how with new technologies and placed you, the user, even more in the center of software and service development. The result is the myleo / dsc. The software can be implemented within a few days. It is largely self-explanatory and requires little training.

In a 4-part webinar series, we will present our new logistics platform myleo / dsc in detail.

Webinar 1  |  22.04.2020  |  10-11 am

The digital transformation for your logistics – presentation of the 360° logistics platform myleo / dsc

Part 1 of our webinar series deals with these topics, among others:

  • What does the term platform mean?
  • Goals and vision of the myleo / dsc platform
  • Which services are currently available via myleo / dsc
  • How does leogistics design the roadmap for further services and solutions

Detailed product descriptions, case studies and demos can be found on our website myleodsc.de and further information can be found in our blog posts “How user centricity leads us down new paths” and “Why the cloud business is on the rise”.

Please register for the webinar via the button below. We look forward to talking to you.

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