“Maintain full control” – Reporting with SAP EWM based on SAP Fiori technology



Without proper and purposeful reporting, companies spend money and resources wastefully. This is especially true in logistics, but more specifically in national/ international distribution centres, which serve as a connection link in your supply chain.

For example, even a slight drop in the departure latency of your trucks after loading has been finished may indicate structural difficulties. Was it perhaps due to stock accuracy, lack of replenishment for shelves or the picking performance of your packing machines? It definitely shows: regular reporting, logistical process analysis and early warning indicators were not carried out, installed or used insufficiently. Perhaps even existing numbers, key figures and their specific context were not adequately questioned, understood or checked.

Reporting with SAP EWM

Today more than ever, digital real-time information and its integration into your analytics need to be delivered properly for immediate analysis. User-friendly and professional data visualization are highly valuable in the logistics area as well. By “seeing”, trends and correlations are easily identified in reporting. For your logistics reporting, SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) offers various reporting and analysis tools with different visualizations:

Logistics excellence with leogistics

If you are lacking the right key performance indicators (KPIs) or relationships between the individual indicators, I can recommend the perspectives of the Balance Scorecard. The methodology helps to structure your strategic goals and all related indicators (input and output) to make dependencies visible. Imagine the potential of a dashboard for your production supply, if all relevant KPIs, including the planned arrival dates of your raw materials, the status of the goods receipt and the replenishment orders, current inventory situation, for example of the production supply area, production progress, outstanding production volumes, failure rates per assembly line, downtime rate and much more can be displayed. A dashboard for your SAP EWM processes and adjacent SAP modules.

We support to make the processes transparent together with appropriate reporting which is crucial to your success. Whether as operational reporting for the logistics team leader in the warehouse and as a dashboard in the warehouse manager’s office or as a strategic analysis function for your logistics planner, we offer you the right toolset that you can use beyond SAP EWM.

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