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An editorial titled “The Digital Brain of Logistics” (original in German: “Das digitale Gehirn der Logistik“) was published in 2017 in MM Logistics magazine about the core functionalities of a Warehouse Management System (WMS). The title refers to the role of a WMS in times of digitization and automation. More than ever, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the SAP-based WMS, is ideal for this purpose. Not only with its architecture, standard interfaces and basic functionalities, but also with the Release 9.4 for a better integration with automation technology. The previously necessary adapter SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) for the connection of programmable logic controllers (PLC) is no longer necessary!

Seamless integration of technology

An implementation of automation components should be done under consideration of low operating costs. Future adaptations to the logic or process optimization with SAP EWM and your automation technology should also be flexible and vendor-independent. Better maintainability and expandability of your automation will be possible by avoiding subsystems and media disruptions.

Independent of technology service supplier

As part of your logistics process automation, you will encounter a wide range of technologies which can be used: e.g. stacker cranes in the high bay, wrappers and sorters, scales and barriers, transverse shuttles, , automatic loading/unloading of trucks (slip-sheet process), picking/repacking machines and automated guided vehicles such as autonomous forklifts and individual shuttles with swarm intelligence.

Our vendor independent and project proven expertise will be a success factor to connect your automation technology by using SAP standard interfaces and functionalities. We assist you during your supplier selection, planning and executing emulation as well as simulation of your requirements. Writing specifications and a company-wide integration and implementation of automated storage technology are part of our range of services.

We will gladly advise on your step-by-step automation or on the configuration of an automated high bay warehouse.

For any further questions please contact blog@leogistics.com.

Henry Böhland
Senior Consultants SAP Logistics



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