7 factors of success for the digitization of truck processes



In eight weeks to the digital truck process

Every company, every business model and the associated logistics are unique. The intelligent and efficient handling of incoming and outgoing trucks poses a particular challenge. The digitalization of these processes offers optimization potential through:

  • Automation of process steps and increased efficiency (e.g., self-service).
  • Real-time information flow and response (e.g., automatic truck retrieval)
  • Reduction of process costs (e.g. waiting times)

Digitization does not just mean the mere design of paperless processes or the central alignment of applications to mobile devices. It also represents the overarching availability of process-relevant information and is based on breaking down information barriers and optimally planning, controlling and monitoring the flow of goods using technical aids.
What are the most important success factors in the digitization of logistics processes?

What if you could overcome the complexity of your processes with a simple, quick-to-implement solution?

With leogistics solutions, around 10,000 truck movements are controlled every day in more than 44 productive yards of varying complexity worldwide. We have recognized that there are regularly recurring processes – the core logistics processes. We have taken this experience as an opportunity to develop a best-practice solution for the intelligent management of truck processes.

With the leogistics truck solution, you benefit from preconfigured process scenarios for standard processes and functions with our proven best-practice approaches. Your project team will focus on master data maintenance during the eight-week implementation period, and we guarantee the short project duration and rapid realization of your business case.

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Stefan Görlitz
Senior Account Manager

Jan-Philipp Horstmann
Senior Consultant SAP Logistics



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