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Many companies see the use of new, innovative IoT technologies as an essential opportunity to optimize their logistics chains. In addition to the consistent reduction of costs, it is increasingly important to improve the flexibility and agility of logistics processes. In this context, telematics systems can make a far-reaching contribution to establishing transparent material flows and optimized resource deployment throughout the supply chain.

Optimized feed control for the Spartanburg plant

Against this background, the German automobile manufacturer commissioned BMW leogistics to optimize the supply control at its largest US production site. In line with the car manufacturer’s wish to ensure the best possible supply of the inbound supply chain, leogistics implemented an IT solution that uses SAP ERP and telematics data to provide an end-to-end, transparent visualization of supply control centrally in a supply chain control tower. By combining business process data, current truck GPS coordinates, weather data, current traffic data and traffic jam reports, transport and route information from incoming transports can be mapped on digital maps. With the simultaneous definition of Geofences, possible delivery difficulties and delays can be identified transparently and in real time for OEMs, suppliers and forwarders.

Source: Automotive Logistics, Oct-Dec 2017, 20TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE



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