The vision of the networked port

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Maritime transport is characterized by difficulties in the predictability and reliability of information. Weather conditions and environmental influences have a direct impact on the resource requirements and the planned departure and arrival times of the ships. Even slight delays can trigger domino effects. How extensive automation and digitalization in the port logistics environment can have an impact on performance and customer experience is shown in the current issue of shipping, port, rail and technology (Schiffahrt, Hafen, Bahn und Technik)

Similar to other branches of industry, maritime logistics is also facing the trend of increased demand for information from network partners: where is my goods, when does it arrive, what is the turn-around time of a ship? Real-time information is the key to success, and at the same time the unique selling point compared to the competition. The article illuminates following priorities:

  • The vision of the digitalized port
  • On the way to the networked port – a roadmap
  • Where to start digitalizing processes?
  • Integrate network partners, create collaborative systems
  • Use existing capacities more efficiently
  • The SAP-based leogistics PORT solution

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