leogistics and Veroo enter into strategic partnership and integrate over 200 telematics systems into myleo / dsc



leogistics and VEROO clients benefit from continuously growing telematics service for area-wide real-time truck tracking in Europe

Hamburg, February 17, 2021 – leogistics GmbH, a global platform and software provider as well as a consulting company in the areas of supply chain management, transport management, warehouse and yard logistics, and VEROO, a provider of high-performance cloud services for predictive transport visibility, are forming a strategic partnership in the area of tracking & tracing for trucks. myleo / dsc and VEROO clients can access GPS data from more than 200 telematics providers on demand and thus precisely plan the arrival times of their transports – regardless of the carrier.

Among other things, leogistics GmbH digitalizes road transports and integrates all relevant data sources for mapping business processes. With the new partnership with VEROO, the supply chain specialist underlines the claim of its yard and transport logistics platform myleo / dsc: more transparency for all participants in the supply chain through a holistic integration of shipment tracking, time slot and yard management. Because in practice, this combination results in real advantages for all parties involved.

VEROO feeds positioning signals from more than 200 GPS sources into myleo / dsc

The VEROO product portfolio, with a focus on pan-European predictive transport visibility, provides the answer to today’s tracking & tracing needs: time-tested and reliable GPS technology combined with state-of-the-art machine learning and AI software. The GPS aggregation module developed by VEROO consolidates location signals from more than 200 different sources and enriches them with parameters such as signal quality. The result is made available to leogistics via API. Through an effective digital “onboarding process”, new GPS devices are continuously connected. Building on this real-time database, VEROO has developed a high-quality Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) algorithm. “VEROO’s precise ETA prediction sets new qualitative standards in the customer service and delivery experience of the recipient of the goods. VEROO does not simply provide tracking data, but makes predictive supply chain management possible,” Senior Business Consultant Jean Arnaud sums it up. “Investing in ETA-based visibility solutions offers large shippers in particular enormous optimization and savings potential in the medium term.”

Intelligent tracking provides added value for time slot management and yard control

Knowing where a truck is, how many kilometers still lie between its current location and its destination, or knowing the time of arrival given the current traffic situation, still offers little added value for a shipping company when viewed individually.

“From our point of view, real-time information on trucks is only helpful if it is used to optimize adjacent logistics processes such as contactless entry to a yard, the occupancy of trucks at gates for loading and unloading, or a retrieval of goods for loading,” says André Käber, CEO leogistics GmbH.

myleo / dsc: Managing supply chains collaboratively from start to finish

Despite the use of time slot management systems, manufacturing companies often do not know when trucks will arrive at the yard. Loading and unloading processes become a game of chance. This is where the track-and-trace solution myleo / tnt comes in, which now also integrates VEROO’s GPS data: With acceptance of the freight order, the truck can already be tracked in the inflow. The system uses dynamic isolines (geofence areas) to calculate whether the planned arrival date can still be met. Standing times within the yard premises can thus be minimized and utilization optimized with the time slot management tool myleo / slot at loading and unloading points. The tool for managing utilization at loading points, gates or filling lines calculates loading and unloading times in real time based on flexible parameters such as number, load carriers, loading point, process type and product category. Onboarding of suppliers, their carriers or their service providers takes place within minutes via invitation. Reservations and bookings can be created in myleo / slot manually or fully automatically on the basis of process documents. The three building blocks myleo / slot, myleo / tnt and myleo / yard for yard management interlock seamlessly in the digital supply chain management solution myleo / dsc. In this way, companies retain control over their incoming and outgoing transports, including demurrage charges and delays, and can intervene in good time.




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