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Hamburg, 28.06.2019Every company, every business model and the associated logistics are unique. A particular challenge is the intelligent and efficient handling of incoming and outgoing trucks. leogistics GmbH, a global SAP logistics partner in the area of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) specializing in transportation management, warehouse management and yard management, now offers leogistics Truck, a simple, easy-to-implement SAP-based solution for digitalizing truck processes in plant logistics. Its use provides for the automation of processes, increased efficiency in truck handling, a continuous flow of information, the possibility to intervene in real time in logistic processes and thus reduce costs completely.

Yard Management and Slot Management - process ready content

The solution includes relevant functions and preconfigured logistics processes (best practice) in the area of yard and slot management. In addition to the standard SAP ERP integration and functions for booking static and dynamic loading and unloading time windows and the associated resources, the central transport cockpit controls all necessary activities for mapping inbound and outbound processes for trucks with packed goods, bulk goods and containers. This includes, for example, automated or manual registration, weighing of incoming and outgoing trucks, carrying out safety checks (e.g. Dangerous Good Checks) and routing the mode of transport to the intended loading and unloading points. The solution is supplemented by the leogistics iDrive App, which, among other things, enables a personnel-friendly entry registration and documents the activities of proper load securing.

Fast project implementation and considerable savings

The introduction of leogistics Truck takes place in a short time and achieves a reduction of up to 25 percent in truck waiting and throughput times as well as the avoidance of demurrage charges. The preconfigured system is available from day one. Lengthy and abstract process definition workshops are no longer necessary, as only client-specific adjustments are made.

High transparency and flexibility in the mapping of extended process requirements

leogistics Truck offers cross-location process harmonization and standardization that simplifies the planning, control and implementation of plant logistics. This includes truck coordination on the plant premises via status tracking and defined process sequences. In addition, the solution integrates all relevant process participants (customers, shippers, forwarders, carriers, service providers) so that data can be exchanged in real time. Predefined interfaces make it possible to connect IoT scenarios (terminals, scanners, scales). Depending on requirements, leogistics Truck can be expanded with additional solutions for the leogistics digital supply chain.

“With the solutions from leogistics, more than 10,000 truck movements per day are controlled in over 44 productive plants of the most varied complexity worldwide. We have recognized that there are regularly recurring processes – the core logistics processes. We took this as an opportunity to develop a best-practice solution in the form of leogistics Truck. The implementation time is eight weeks. While we are working on the implementation, the client project team can concentrate on maintaining the master data during this time,” says Stefan Görlitz, Senior Account Manager at leogistics GmbH.

“Digitalization does not only mean the design of paperless processes or the central alignment of applications on mobile devices. It also stands for comprehensive availability of process-relevant information and is based on the fact that information barriers are removed and the flow of goods is optimally planned, controlled and monitored with technical aids,” adds André Käber, CEO of leogistics GmbH.



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