IoT Use Case: Automated Documentation of Proper Loadings with Smart Cameras

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In the case of sensitive products that must not be contaminated in any way (e.g. food), it is very important to document proper loading. One way to avoid unjustified recourse claims or to refer them to the forwarder is to photograph the loaded goods – and this is best done fully automated and with clear assignment of the loading reference.

Welcome to the age of Industry 4.0!

Ideally, one mounts a small industrial camera with a selected lens directly in the stacker and connects it straight to the already existing stacker terminal. Some industrial cameras from certain manufacturers have the advantage that a development kit is included for independent application creation. This makes it possible to develop a separate program and install it on the stacker terminal. Incidentally, the cameras are also robust enough to function reliably at all times, even in harsh environments.

The developed application is accessed directly via the SAP system using the leogistics Hardware Integration Component (HIC), and triggers an image automatically when loading is confirmed via the corresponding dialog on the monitor. And because the loading reference is known at this point, the image can be linked to it and then archived on a server.

In our example, the customer can carry out the rollout independently, as we have integrated a configuration menu into their SAP system so that any number of additional cameras can be installed and connected independently – welcome to the age of Logistics 4.0!

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