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Practical video analysis functions for factory premises, production facilities or warehouses as if from a single source

We are very pleased to be able to call ourselves an authorized partner of Axis with immediate effect. Axis, a Swedish company with a long tradition, is the global market leader in the field of multifunctional network video technology. In its portfolio, the company offers various types of camera systems and thus enables diverse surveillance applications and uses – and not only in the field of security. The extended video analysis functions are also very useful in the logistics environment, such as motion detection, which makes it possible, for example, to detect vehicles or people in a defined area – for example, in a loading zone. 

Another pragmatic application is to create a virtual trip wire. Objects crossing this trigger an event – this feature could be useful if conventional photoelectric sensors are no longer suitable. Detecting the time people spend in a safety-critical area, for example, can also be very useful – even if it’s just the gatekeeper who is alerted when someone is standing in front of the gate. License plate recognition on vehicles is of course no problem either. 

Axis camera systems are known for their excellent quality, ease of installation, innovation and user-friendliness, and they are always individually configurable. This results in excellent, high-resolution images, regardless of the lighting conditions and the size of the area to be monitored. 

Whether on the factory floor, in manufacturing facilities, in the warehouse or in the parking lot, Axis cameras are available in a wide range of styles and sizes: 

  • Permanently installed with a fixed angle of view 
  • Onboard cameras – extremely rugged for use in motor vehicles 
  • Explosion-proof cameras – where things can be dangerous 
  • Thermal imaging cameras – perfect for night photography  
  • Panoramic cameras with all-round vision 
  • Large-area cameras with remote directional and zoom control (PTZ cameras) 

And because Axis puts quick installation and ease of use first, the IP models connect easily to existing external and internal networks. Network control allows focusing on individual objects or zooming in on large areas – the motors for alignment or zoom of the lens respond immediately to user commands with just a few clicks. The new partnership enables us to provide our customers with a wide range of scenarios in which surveillance and detection functionalities play a role, practically from a single source.

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