The future of digital yard logistics – A practice insight with Nordzucker AG

At peak times, bottlenecks can occur on the yard, depending on whether trucks are on time due to the traffic situation and whether provision from the warehouse can be ensured smoothly. This challenge was also faced by one of Germany’s largest sugar producers: Nordzucker AG.

In the webinar, Nordzucker and leogistics show how the implementation of our solution for digital yard logistics and the use of the myleo / dsc.

  • congestion on the factory premises can be avoided.
  • the standing times of trucks on the premises have been significantly reduced.
  • retrieval is triggered automatically when passing through geofences.
  • communication between desktop applications, scanners and high rack warehouse was automated.
  • how we now work more smoothly with around 40 freight forwarders in Germany alone.

Embedded in the webinar, we will show the holistic transport processing at Nordzucker as a live demo. Afterwards, leogistics will present itself with a focus on the myleo / dsc and build a bridge to the future of digital yard logistics.

Secure your participation and register directly for our event on February 24, 2021 from 10 to 11 am!

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