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How user centricity leads us to new directions

A vision of an integrated transport, logistics and yard management platform has been with us for several years. Now the demands on logistics software in terms of collaboration, simplification, speed and technology have increased significantly in recent months.

Rather than just a few years ago, when functionalities were the focus of attention, we see the user of logistics solutions as the central focus. For this reason, we have decided to combine our process know-how with new technologies and bring the user even more into the focus of software and service development. The result is the myleo / dsc, the origin, scope and future of which will be presented below.

The goal of a 360° platform evokes great expectations. We have made a conscious decision to focus on our core competence in the area of plant logistics and to include all adjacent processes in the 360° perspective. In contrast to many start-ups, which tend to concentrate on individual disciplines of the supply chain (such as a time window calculation, track & trace, ETA calculation), we have chosen a universal focus.

The 360° logistics platform

The goal of a 360° platform evokes great expectations. We have made a conscious decision to focus on our core competence in the area of plant logistics and to include all adjacent processes in the 360° perspective. In contrast to many start-ups, which tend to concentrate on individual disciplines of the supply chain (such as a time window calculation, track & trace, ETA calculation), we have chosen a universal focus.

Our mission: By integrating all process participants and using innovative technologies, we map end-to-end supply chain processes on a central platform for our clients.

With myleo / dsc, we create a solution with which all modes of transport in almost all industries can be managed and processed efficiently, operationally and innovatively.

Current scope of myleo / dsc

User centricity and focus

  • We have experienced that our software can be up and running within a few days. It is largely self-explanatory and requires very little training. Thus, we meet a requirement that is often placed on us: long implementation and test phases should be avoided.
  • Additionally, we have established a permanent feedback process and are in constant exchange with our live clients. Especially in the first few months, this feedback loop leads to continuous improvements and an increased user experience.
  • One of the major lessons we have learned is that it is important to communicate with all parties involved in the logistics chain at an early stage. The exchange with service providers was particularly helpful when it came to data protection and the use of apps or telematics applications.
  • We learned that the high effort of automated tests pays off from the very beginning, since functions are basically available to all clients and we can therefore guarantee a very high availability of myleo / dsc.

Setup of a company integrated start-up

At myleo / dsc we have made a conscious decision to break new ground. This also applies to our internal organizational structures and working methods. While software development is usually carried out by a development department based, following the waterfall approach, and on the pre-defined requirements of a client and concepts of a team of architects, we at myleo / dsc have consciously decided to opt for a more agile way of working.

We went for an independently operating team with start-up character. These structures and the installation of a Product Owner now allow us to continue to grow and at the same time establish new teams that can draw on what we have learned and experienced.

In this context, the active involvement of interested parties and clients in workshops and presentations of new features is an important factor. We want to strengthen this even more in the future by

  • highlighting new functions in our myleo / dsc newsletter
  • showing information in the myleo / dsc portal
  • inviting curious parties to our events and demonstrate further developments on our system.

In this way, we really live co-innovation in order to create something new with high benefits.

The internal start-up has stood the test of time

Operating speed An encapsulated team, detached from day-to-day business and organized in sprint-based development cycles, works fast, reliable and solution oriented. Despite all the dynamics, patience is also required, because a robust and scalable application suite does not arise overnight.
Lab character & error culture A recipe for success for innovation: just try out ideas and discard them if in doubt. We have created a nurturing environment in which ideas can sprout and software solutions are given time to reach market maturity.
Outreach The newly created work area in the external presentation should not be underestimated. Special skills are required for the new way of working, some of which come from outside. Thus, we have gained new colleagues from agencies or the gaming industry through the special working environment.

Why does myleo / dsc fit so well into an existing SAP system landscape?

With myleo / dsc we close non-functional gaps and provide completely new solutions that are not available in the SAP environment. The focus is not always on pure functions, but on user-friendliness, implementation time and, above all, simple and cost-effective networking and alternative usage models.

What is the client benefit, and how can it be created most easily and sustainably? We often see a co-existence between SAP products and myleo / dsc. Planning processes start in SAP and are then handled operationally in myleo / dsc. The actual results are then sent back to SAP for settlement.

Our roadmap - bts

Stage 0 In stage 0 we first created the basics for myleo / dsc. Both process-related and scaling in performance and mass data capability.
Stage 1 In addition, the first solution modules with myleo / slot and myleo / tnt were added in stage 1. These form the backbone of the solution and already allow numerous collaborative processes out of the box.
Stage 2 We are currently working on two further integrated components of the myleo / dsc:
  • myleo / yard is a solution for the simple handling of processes at a logistics location.
  • myleo / supply is an integrated supplier portal for the notification of order quantities and transports.
Stage 3 For stage 3 we have, among other things, planned the connection and integration of IoT devices from different networks and for different use cases.

Off the beaten track

Every day that we work on myleo / dsc, new exciting use cases are created, which we test as POCs and implement according to client requirements.

We are currently working in detail on optimization topics in the context of our individual solutions:

1. Automatic time window optimization based on real-time data and AI The objective is to reduce the waiting times of all those involved in loading and unloading and at the same time to optimize loading capacities. In doing so, the real-time data of the incoming truck plays a decisive role and slot management takes on a whole new value.
2. Comprehensive construction site logistics This use case pursues the goal of providing all process participants of a construction site with information and enabling operative control and optimization.
  • Where are my containers located on the construction site?
  • When does the truck arrive with which parts?
  • At what times can I drive to the construction site (time slot)?
  • How can I collect goods on the construction site in a mobile way?
  • How can I document any damages to the deliveries?

Where can I take a look at myleo / dsc?

  • A few days ago, we went live with our website. Via the portal you can access all information about myleo / dsc, read different use cases and get a demo access.
  • In addition, we offer the possibility to examine the fit with your requirements in more detail in live demos.
  • Together with our partner HERE we have held a webinar, which will certainly be followed by others soon.

Are you interested in a co-innovation or would you like to use myleo / dsc as a development platform for your logistics digitalization? Feel free to contact us!

If any questions arise about this or other topics in the blog, please contact blog@leogistics.com.

André Käber
Geschäftsführer leogistics GmbH



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