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Why the cloud business is on the rise

In a new series for our corporate blog, we focus on topics that we are addressing extensively at leogistics. The kick-off will be given by André Käber, who, as Managing Director of leogistics GmbH, will be answering questions about our new cloud solution myleo / dsc.

How has the logistics solution market changed in the last 10 years?

André Käber: Two market changes are particularly important in my opinion:

  • On one hand, logistics processes along the entire supply chain are becoming increasingly interlinked in order to meet the requirements of network partners, to provide and exchange information in real time. Standardized, easy to copy interfaces are needed. Open standards make software attractive. In fact, more and more real-time information is available for cargo and means of transport – such mass data and transmission speeds were unthinkable just a decade ago.
  • On the other hand, logistics service providers have to face new technologies along with their clients. Innovative manufacturing and trading companies are gearing up for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things; they increasingly rely on IoT platforms, microservices, and artificial intelligence.
What do you recommend for processes exposed to these changes?

André Käber: For many companies, partly obsolete or “monolithic” IT systems have been in use for many years, decades even. Processes are firmly cemented in those cases, and cannot cope with new strategies or business models. The established budgeting, bidding, and commissioning processes often no longer match the speed of emerging innovations and their increasingly short project lifecycles.

Digitization is picking up speed. However, trending IT topics should be approached purposely with due diligence.

It is true;

  • To identify own innovation potential
  • To develop courage to try
  • To test new things step by step using easy to understand, “experience” solutions
  • Involve employees in the process
  • That a standard recipe does not exist because of the individuality of each company and industry.

How does leogistics meet market changes?

André Käber: leogistics GmbH began developing its own supply chain execution solutions primarily for production companies and large logistics service providers seven years ago. Now we have gone a step further, as many small and medium-sized companies also have very complex, and sometimes similarly complex requirements for their logistics.

Again, there is a need to digitize processes and establish new collaborative business processes. We make this possible with myleo / dsc; and as we successively expand the solution, above all, we involve our customers in the development process.

We deliberately chose a cloud approach to reduce customer software barriers, standardize processes, enable fast implementation times, and to be open to new technologies such as IoT, blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

Which customer areas is the new solution directed towards?

André Käber: Our solutions are fundamentally interesting for all production and transportation companies. myleo/dsc can map logistics processes of various industries and transport branches.

What are the functions of the new cloud-based solution?

André Käber: Functionally, myleo / dsc supports areas including time-slot management, tracking and tracing shipments, as well as yard management for simple logistics locations.

The focus of our solution currently lies in the field of collaborative control and capacity resource planning of all inlets, time windows, loading capacities, and yard processes at plant locations.

Which technologies were leveraged?

André Käber: Technologically, we deliberately opted for open standards and future-oriented web technologies. Our customers can flexibly decide whether they want to use the solution as a public or private cloud, and to what extent they want to integrate it into their existing IT infrastructure (for example, SAP ERP or SAP EWM).

What do i need as a customer, to utilize the solution?

André Käber: Our customers only need Internet access and a browser to be able to use myleo / dsc. The service packages can be used individually or together.

In addition, it may be useful to install our smartphone app. This makes it possible, for example, to record tracking data of freight carriers, to register for factory entrance, or to acknowledge delivery confirmation post delivery.

How long does the provisioning and implementation take?

André Käber: The advantage of a cloud solution is that it can be deployed almost immediately. We can provide a demo environment for gathering first experiences immediately. Next, we start with preparations for the implementation, including master data maintenance and the development of an authorization concept.

If you want to integrate myleo / dsc into your existing IT landscape, the degree of interlocking is completely up to you.

Where can i view the solution?

André Käber: Since customer feedback is very important to us in this first phase, we are happy to present the solution through a web session, or directly to potential prospects on-site.

In addition, in the near future, we will launch a website with all the basic information on product, technology and access.

What further developments does the leogistics roadmap have in store?

André Käber: In the next expansion phase, we will extend the solution with functions in the area of yard management and delivery control. We’ll also implement a container management system for planning, controlling, and managing stocks and movements of loading equipment. Other IoT scenarios related to site control are also being researched.

Do you have any questions about the leogistics cloud solution myleo / dsc for André Käber?
If you would like to make an appointment for a demo, simply email us at blog@leogistics.com.



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