5 Questions for Nikolai Dillenburger, SAP TM Intern at leogistics

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Nik Dillenburger

Bullseye! From darts night to a career start at leogistics

1. Hi Nik, how did you first come into contact with the SAP world and logistics?

After graduating from high school, I had enough of learning for a while and decided to do an apprenticeship. After I finished my apprenticeship as a bank clerk, I felt like learning again! I wanted to broaden my horizons and decided to study industrial engineering. Industrial engineers are generalists rather than specialists and act in an interdisciplinary manner. Their role is often that of problem solvers, they often mediate between several areas.

During my studies, I also gained initial insights into topics such as SAP ERP systems, computer science, logistics and project management. In times of the corona pandemic, I also realized how important supply chain management is: just think of the Evergiven incident in the Suez Canal.

2. How did you come across leogistics?

A practical phase is part of my studies towards the end. So I went looking for a company that would offer me an internship and, in the best case, supervision during my thesis.

The search turned out to be more difficult in Corona times than I had initially thought. Depressed by the internship search, I tried to keep up the fun in my private life and met a buddy one evening to play darts. We chatted about my internship search. Luckily for me, he works at leogistics and suggested I apply. After a short research on my own, leogistics seemed to be a likeable and innovative company in the logistics and SAP world.

My thesis ideas did not initially revolve around the topics of logistics and digitalization. But the basic idea of process optimization in companies somehow fit in perfectly with my studies. I applied without further ado and a few days later I was able to get to know Ariane, the human relations contact, and my current advisor, Jens Arndt, digitally.

Jens introduced me to an SAP project called “Advanced Shipping & Receiving” (ASR), a new integration approach between SAP Transportation Management (TM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). We both eventually came to the conclusion that a collaboration could be a good fit, and that’s how I got my start at leogistics as an intern in the SAP environment.

SAP TM now communicates directly with AP EWM - the Transportation Unit is now obsolete

3. What is an internship at leogistics like?

My first day as an intern took the form of a personal meeting with my advisor Jens in Heidelberg. Here I got my work equipment, such as my personal laptop, and Jens also had direct suggestions for what our joint workflow could look like. So I was fully involved straight away!

Afterwards, I got to know the SAP system. That was exciting, of course. Using best-practice scenarios, I was able to independently test and configure standard processes in SAP TM and SAP EWM. In this way, I developed a better understanding of the theory I had previously accumulated.

SAP Feature „Advanced Shipping Receiving“ (ASR)

During my internship period, I mainly dove into the SAP feature “Advanced Shipping Receiving” (ASR) as part of the SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS01 release. This is an integrated end-to-end process to send, receive and transport products. The integration between SAP TM and SAP EWM is simplified by the fact that SAP EWM works directly with the Freight Order instead of the Transport Unit, which becomes redundant. The integration reduces the possibility of errors and is more user-friendly, as there are no longer so many different documents being used and the entire process becomes clearer. I was so captivated by the feature that I am even writing my thesis on it today! Since the revised SAP TM/EWM interface concept looks very promising, we naturally wanted to implement and test the application directly in the system. I got insights into customizing to set up the new interface. This work in the system was very instructive. I gradually gained more and more understanding of the SAP world, be it SAP TM, EWM or the new ASR feature.

leogistics has been working remotely for years

It is important to know that the customizing in the system and our daily exchange took place exclusively remotely. I quickly realized that leogistics has years of experience in working remotely from different locations. My initial doubts as to whether I would be sufficiently trained or whether there would always be a contact person available were very quickly dispelled. It was always possible to call someone. Even as a newcomer, this was not a problem at all!

4. What inspired you most during your time at leogistics?

I was impressed by the modern way of thinking and working. Many companies advertise “flexible working hours”, but here it really is like that. Here, I can start working when I want. What’s more, I don’t have to go to the office, since most of the work is done remotely. You can see that the so-called “new work” has been practiced here for a long time and is no longer so new.

I also liked how much I was allowed to try out and work independently in the system. At the beginning, it felt like jumping in at the deep end. But looking back, I can say that I experienced a sustained and steep learning curve.

I was also motivated by the fact that I was entrusted with absolutely relevant topics. The ASR feature is one of SAP’s latest releases. Leogistics naturally wants to be able to quickly deliver the new benefits to customers here. This means that my project is absolutely important from a business perspective. I never knew so much responsibility as an intern before!

5. What is your new task?

Now my internship is over and I am still at leogistics! This is because I can complete the necessary practical phase of my studies here at the company. To do this, I am writing my bachelor’s thesis on Advanced Shipping Receiving, with the full support of my colleagues at leogistics.

My thesis follows on exactly from the project I worked on during my internship. The topic is “Investigation of process optimization within the supply chain by implementing SAP Advanced Shipping & Receiving”, the new integration approach between SAP TM and SAP EWM.

Exemplary outbound process with ASR (Warehouse Driven)

Already familiarized, I can now throw myself into my thesis and I am sure of the support of the knowledge of my colleagues. I am very grateful for this support. And the best at the end: Following my thesis, I will be working full time at leogistics. The contract has already been signed! It’s a great prospect to be able to get started here as an intern, to be supervised during my thesis, and to have the prospect of being taken on. I’m really looking forward to my time at leogistics!

Nik, thank you very much for the great interview!



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