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Bahnprozesse mit SAP S/4HANA TM abbilden

Map your railway process completely with SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management

The basics of rail logistics processes with SAP Transportation Management.
LKW in Reihnung mit Tablet im Vordergrund

S/4HANA migration – how to replicate master data without much effort

Master data integration using DRF under S/4HANA Transportation Management (side-by-side).
Apple watch zeigt Informationen in Echtzeit

Be ahead of your time

How you can determine the arrival time of trucks and use this information to trigger outsourcing is explained in this blog post.
S/4HANA Apfel mit Birnen Vergleich?

Let’s compare apples with pears!

As part of our S/4HANA 1909 upgrade, we took a closer look at the new Normalized Load Quantity (NLQ) functionality in SAP Transportation Management for you.
frühzeitig festgeegte Geschäftsregeln führen zu Erfolg

Flexible design processes by means of business principles

The use of complex sets of rules in SCM projects
LKW Einblick nach innen

Maximise the use of your transportation means

How SAP TM takes over the packaging planning and thus enables optimal load planning.

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