Software Ansicht myleo / slot

myleo / slot time slot management as Basic, Advanced or Enterprise – Version

With myleo / dsc, a holistic focus was chosen, taking into account contiguous processes.
myleo / dsc Hardware Terminal

leogistics enables combined software and hardware solution for contactless yard logistics

To make the transport process safer for shippers and drivers, we offer a digitalization solution from check-in to check-out.
Datenwolke und Hand close

Digital transformation for logistics

André Käber explains the new concept of myleo / dsc in an interview. How logistics solutions can be digitized step by step.
parkende LKW auf einem Werksgelände aus Vogelperspektive

Ensuring efficient capacity utilization at your site

What makes factory logistics and thus yard management software smart? - An outlook on the possibilities of digitalization and automation in yard logistics.
Strassenschlucht mit Sonnenuntergang

Online presence for digital platform myleo / dsc

The supply chain specialist has established a permanent exchange process with customers in parallel with the market launch of its digital platform for yard and transport logistics.
Detail eines in AbendstimmungContainerschiff

Operational logistics processes bundled in one place

The digital supply chain specialist has deliberately chosen a cloud approach to reduce software barriers for customers.
Die igital Supply Chain auf einem Containerschiff

A vision in mind

How user centricity leads us in new directions.
Handy mit Strassenkarte

Mobile solutions for logistics

Digital transformation brings a wide range of benefits and the opportunity to organize processes more efficiently.
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Be ahead of your time

How you can determine the arrival time of trucks and use this information to trigger outsourcing is explained in this blog post.
grafische Darstellung eines vernetzten Hafens

The vision of the networked port

Port logistics is changing - Where is the trend in maritime logistics heading? Our author gives an overview of the port of tomorrow.
Strassenschlucht mit Sonnenuntergang

leogistics at LogiMat 2020

Leogistics will also present itself at LogiMAT in 2020. Among others, the applications myleo / slot and myleo / tnt will be presented.
Hürdenspringer in Aktion

How to overcome obstacles!

Best practices for successful implementation projects.
Portrait Michael Rölli

Michael Roelli takes over global presales lead at leogistics

Michael Rölli joins leogistics GmbH. He takes over the global PreSales Lead at SAP logistics partner leogistics GmbH.
Voice assitant Alexa

I develop a voice assistant for digital logistics solutions

This year we have built several prototypes to improve and simplify logistic processes by means of voice control and the use of voice assistants.
Stifte, Kamera, Papier

What does make my port smart?

Saving time and costs through trustworthy data handling and collaboration. Smart Port Logistics stands for all of this.
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Digitalization of logistics processes

Our new cloud solution digitalizes logistics processes step by step and maps them independently of existing IT infrastructures.

10 questions to André Käber, CEO leogistics GmbH

Why the cloud business is on the rise.
Digitalisierung stilisiert

Logistics digitization: policy of small steps

In an interview with LOGISTIK FÜR UNTERNEHMEN magazine, André Käber analyzes the hurdles of digitization and talks about opportunities.
truck on highway

Goodbye Scheduling Chaos: Stay On Top Of Things

How to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing shipments at all times. The potentials of a time slot management system.

The digital logistics chain

Technologies such as IoT and advanced image recognition systems offer a wide range of optimization options especially for logistics.

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