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Our Straightforward Customer Service For Your Concerns

Our claim: To offer customers the highest quality even after their solution has gone live. This is how ticket issuing works.

The Future of Yard Management: Contactless And Digital Yard Management

The contactless, digital, automated and optimized yard as an integral part of the supply chain
filling at the loading point

The heart of chemical logistics: filling at the loading point

We recently published the first part of our chemical logistics series. In part one, we took an in-depth look at the necessary inspection procedures and safety requirements that are mandatory when transporting dangerous goods. We also provided numerous tips on how you can significantly improve goods inbound and outbound at your plant site. Today we turn to the supreme discipline: complete automation during filling at the loading point.
dangerous goods before chemical parc

Chemical logistics means more than storage and transport processes

In chemical logistics, there are very special requirements for equipment and personnel. Since hazardous materials are often transported and stored in chemical parks, personnel must undergo regular safety training to comply with statutory safety requirements.
Christiaan Carstens von leogistics im Interview: Wissen, was Bahnen bewegt

Why not by rail?

Christiaan Carstens describes the importance of digitized and integrated yard and connecting railroads.
Arbeiter mit Warnweste am Device

The digitalization of intralogistics

Read now how to move applications in complex processes to mobile devices in the technical article “The digitalization of intralogistics” by our author Stefan Bröse in the current issue of dhf Intralogistik. (German only)

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